Top Activities on Pawleys Island

 There are so many great things to do when visiting the Carolina coast. We’ve put together a list to make it easy to find some favorites. Get ready for the fun that never ends when you visit Pawleys Island!
A couple sits on a yacht watching the sunset

Wallace Sailing Tours

Experience the ultimate sailing adventure on a beautiful 40-foot Beneteau yacht with friends and family. Enjoy the incredible beauty of nature and see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Let’s dig deeper into the fun activities Wallace Sailing Tours offers.

Two Hour Cruise - A two-hour of fun and adventure around the peaceful waters of South Carolina that will whisk you away to a place of solace that you rarely experience. 

Sunset Cruise - Make celebrations more romantic and relaxing with a Sunset Cruise. A picture-perfect sunset adventure with someone you love the most. Enjoy beautiful and refreshing nature as you sail by on a luxury yacht.

Private Sailing Lessons  - Wallace Sailing Tours also offers sailing lessons for those interested in sailing. The tranquil, peaceful waters of South Carolina welcome you. They make sure that your private sailing lessons bring you a lot of knowledge while still having fun and excitement.




Sunny Daze is here to make your beach day the best! They get up bright and early, carry all the equipment to your desired location on the beach, and set it up so that you and your family can enjoy having the ultimate hassle-free beach experience.

Their excellent team is dedicated to providing outstanding service to those who love the island making sure that everyone has a sunny, fun day at the beach. And we love that Sunny Daze is a business that is family-owned and operated! 

Pawleys Island Surf Lessons & Camp

Surfing is a blast, especially if you have the right tools and great learning from the experts. Pawleys Island Surf Lessons & Camp offers private surf lessons, surf camps, paddleboard and kayak tours guided by local guides, and equipment rentals. Surf Lessons - Their surf instructors ensure that you have an easy and fun learning surfing lessons experience, allowing you to enjoy every part of the moment.

Surf Camp - You will love Surf Camp! Kids from ages 7 to 15 years old will be introduced to surfing and taught basic surfing techniques. This will help aspiring surfers make the most out of it while continuing learning, of course, to have fun!

Rentals - Surfing is so much fun with the right surfing tools. Aside from offering surf lessons, surf camps, and eco-tours, Pawleys Island Surf allows you to rent surfing tools like the Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, kayaks, and Skim Boards/Bodyboards.

People run for the beach after a long drive
A woman reels in a fish on a boat

North Island Fishing Charters

North Island Fishing Charters has all the fishing fun you could want! Experience the inshore and nearshore fishing trips in Georgetown and Charleston, South Carolina

Fishing Trips - Enjoy the excitement on fishing trips as Capt. Nick will share his fishing knowledge and secrets he has been amassing since he was a kid. This is one of the fun ways to spend your upcoming getaway!

Gigging Trips - Ready for a nighttime activity on shallow and clear water? Gigging Trips is awesome on North Island Fishing Charters. Capt. Nick will surely give you a night full of fun and great experience while making it easy for you to gig fish.

Dolphin Tours  -  Who would not love to see cute and talented dolphins? A dolphin trip is the most enjoyable way of seeing these fascinating mammals up close—fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

Sunset Cruises - Make your getaway complete and memorable with a sunset cruise. Feel the freshness of the ocean breeze and take time to relax with the beautiful sunset in front of you.


Rock N Roots

Do you love houseplants, succulents, cacti, gems, terrariums, and planters? Rock N Roots offers guests the ability to create their own plant arrangements right on-site under the supervision of one of our planting instructors.

Workshops - Rock N Roots offers workshops to houseplant hobbyists to sharpen their knowledge about plants and to know the proper way of taking care of them.

In-house Workshops - These are public events, and they host weekly on-site plant workshops at our shop on Pawleys Island. These events are BYO drinks + food. In addition, attendees receive 10% off in-house shopping!

Off-site Workshops - These are ticketed events that require pre-registration to attend—available off-site at local businesses along coastal South Carolina.

Plant Parties - Rock N Root’s shop in Pawleys Island has a private party room that can accommodate up to 16 people to personally decorate plants. 


You’ll create some unforgettable memories on your next trip to Pawleys Island when you partner up with these great businesses.  You can rest assured that you’ll have excellent service from friendly faces, and years of local knowledge at hand.